What is Smart Farming?

Precision Agriculture (PA), is a way to “apply the right treatment at the right place at the right time” (Gebbers and Adamchuk, 2010).

Smart Farming can be seen as the use of sensing technology and digitalization in agriculture to atomize, guide and optimize management and agricultural activities for crops and livestock production through the wide analysis and capitalization of collected information and data.

Precision agriculture (PA) is an important aspect of smart farming and can be defined as a management strategy that gathers, processes and analyzes temporal, spatial and individual data and combines it with other information to support management decisions according to estimated variability for improved resource use efficiency, productivity, quality, profitability and sustainability of agricultural production.

In practice PA typically, but not necessarily, relies heavily on new technologies and digitalization. Especially positioning systems, sensor technologies, automation, robotics and digitized auxiliary data like elevation models, weather data, soil unit mapping and satellite data.


    • UTAD Portugal is a specialist in GIS, Teledetection and e-learning. Their principal studies deal with southern crops (viticulture).

    • NMBU Norway focuses particularly on robotics and their application in crops.

    • SLU Sweden deals with sensors and image analysis, particularly on northern crop systems.

    • University of Helsinki, Finland, focuses on the automation, systems technology and modelling, applied to northern crop systems.

    • University of Liège – Gembloux Agrobiotech, Belgium will offer a broad range of skills with modelling and geo-statistics, mechatronics and remote sensing. They are specialists on Central Europe crop systems.

    • Perrotis College, Greece deals with remote sensing and computerized farm machinery applied to southern crops such as viticulture and olive trees.

    • ISA Lille – Yncréa Hauts-de-France has expertise in crop systems, robotics and GIS. It also has a solid experience in innovative teaching methods (co-design projects and active learning).

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